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WARYŃSKI GROUP is a modern and dynamic capital group with a rich tradition. The Group operates as a property developer and is working hard to build its brand on the real estate market.

A member of the Polish Association of Property Developers, Waryński S.A. is currently carrying out three investments in Warsaw’s Wola district.

The Waryński S.A. Holding Group includes residential and office developers, as well as Waryński Trade Sp. z o.o., which maintains the brand’s tradition in the construction equipment sector.

The main shareholder of the Group is the MARS Closed-End Investment Fund, managed by the MS Investment Fund Society.


The vision of Waryński S.A. Holding Group is to create coherent, effective and modern capital group which owing to rich history and mutual support of all Group Entities has become a market  leader in scope of the quality of offered products as well as provided services. Moreover it is continually  rising its effectiveness.

Today’s development course is first of all marked out by the action  taken on real estate development market and secondly  by building of the brand’s position  in the area of  real estate management and among controlled companies.

Long-standing thus rich tradition in widely-understandable building sector- dating back to 1833 and strong capital fundaments give a base to take new market chances and create long term development plans. Besides that, we strongly believe employer’s co-responsibility for company’s future and respect to work is the best source of motivation and loyalty.

Following preceding, Waryński S.A. Holding Group has accepted a motto which is a driving factor and sounds:

„Value from tradition, success in investment”

  MARS Closed Investment Fund 95.60%
  Entitled employees 2.80%
  Other 1.60% 


Strona w przygotowaniu

As an enterprise, the most valuable thing we can give to society is our time, dedication and experience. Money is important, but money alone is not enough.

We are convinced that as a stable, responsible company, we have obligations to society and to the environment around us. That is why we initiate and support a range of social and cultural activities in Warsaw, and why company representatives are engaged in civic activities. Waryński S.A. Holding Group also provides strong support for sports initiatives. We are involved in important community projects, actively participating in the “Power Revival” of the Legia Warsaw Basketball Team. Additionally, we organise a wide variety of tournaments, sporting and leisure events for our employees.

For us, the term Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just words. We believe that it’s worth investing in the common good. The following projects in which we’re engaged demonstrate our commitment.

Our employees are people who thrive on challenges. We look for creative, experienced and passionate people with great potential and commitment.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send a CV and cover letter to:

Your application will be considered in the next recruitment process.

Residential investment

A member of the Polish Association of Property Developers, Waryński S.A. is currently carrying out two independent housing developments in cooperation with partners – Stacja Kazimierz with Polnord and Miasto Wola with Dantex.

Office investment

EQlibrium means perfect location, acclaimed architecture and excellent infrastructure. Each element of the project, from the general concept to the smallest detail, was designed to ensure comfort for everyday users of the EQlibrium office building. The development, implemented by the Waryński Group, offers tenants a total of 9,878 m2 of office and commercial space as well as two underground levels with 113 parking spaces.

EQlibrium is a state-of-the-art class A office building. Its curtain glass walls with repeated vertical elements give the structure an intriguing, modern character and provide natural daylight to the interiors. The design was created by a renowned architectural firm, S.A.M.I. Architekci Mariusz Lewandowski i Wspólnicy Sp. z. o. o.

More details: www.eqlibrium.pl/en


Lease and Service

Our Project Management team offers comprehensive services for construction investments.

Our skills and experience allow us to manage and advise on complex and challenging projects, from consulting at the investment planning stage, through the coordination of work, to final settlement of the investment. This allows us to offer you support at every stage of the construction process.

We combine experience and technical expertise with familiarity with the local contractor and supplier markets.

Our staff is also qualified to carry out audits. We prepare technical guidelines, schedules and budgets, and organise tenders and analyse bids. We are able to assess and minimise project risk, monitor the progress of work and report on costs.

After works are completed, we supervise the process of correcting defects, prepare for the handover and coordinate the occupancy permit process.

We provide Project Management and Investment Cost Management services at all stages of development.

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